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Residential Rooftop Repair

Using the most advance materials in the industry, our roof repair company can expertly refine the look of everything from water damaged roofs to dry-rotted rooftops. From beginning to end, you can rely on our repairmen to effectively install, repair, and upgrade your fixtures. At the completion of projects, we also clean up the site, leaving it in the orderly fashion that we found it. You will find that one of the greatest benefits of hiring our team for roofing services is that you get to deal directly with our owner throughout the duration of the process. Share your construction needs with us as we work hard to fulfill them.

New Roofs

Is it time to completely renovate your roof? Our new roof installation services cover this need. Before we start a job, we provide recommendations and then complete the task at hand. Our Howell, New Jersey, company offers a life guarantee for our advice and competitive pricing.

Pricing: Prices vary for each job and are based on the labor performed and materials used to complete it.

Standing Seam Metal Roof


Before we start the installation process to give your home a new exterior look, we inspect and remove the existing roof structure and substrates. This service is required in order for us to offer a guarantee for our installation work. More information will be provided to you in the contract that you get from us.

Pricing: The pricing for our re-roofing services is determined by the job at hand. offers competitive pricing.

Roof Repairs

Guaranteed to solve your problems, our roof repair services include the demolition of roofs and the installation of new material. We use asphalt and standing seam metal, and our experts are able to repair:

• Existing Roof Leaks

• Wind Damaged Roofs

• Missing Shingles

Pricing: Prices are based on factors such as the labor performed, the installation process, and the material used.

Gutter Correction

Replacing or repairing your gutters when necessary not only helps you save money in the long run, but it also helps you protect your home's foundation. Using seamless aluminum gutters, we are able to fix non-functioning gutters and improperly installed gutters.

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